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February 21
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Pokimono Sentinal -Yokunen- by loverofscythe Pokimono Sentinal -Yokunen- by loverofscythe
Name: Yokunen
· - Desire, Wish, Passion

Pokemon: Jirachi

Age: ???

Village: Scorched Mountain Village

Field Location: Wishing Fields

Job: Sentinal

Hobby: Wish Granter

Ability: Serene Grace: The chances of a move having an effect doubles.

Doom Desire
Healing Wish

Likes: Elegant clothing, fine silks and fabric. Pure desires and genuine hearts. Other people. Being pampered and admired from afar. Being clean and the color white.

Dislikes: People who come to him selfishly. Being forced to grant wishes. General dirt/grime. Rude people or people who ignore him. The color black.

Personality: A truly pampered little princess. Yokunen is generally good natured person, wearing a peaceful smile. They have a talent and patience for listening to others' problems and wishes, never tiring of people's desires. Though fragile and delicate, the Jirachi is more than capable of defending themself and it's friends. They do not appreciate violence as they find it a tad barbaric, and is sure to dirty themself in the process, but won't cower from it either.
They adore being appreciated, having fans, having people come and beg on their knees to them for wishes. Like a true little diva, they get angriest when they're being ignored, and are a tad immature, usually going to sulk or turning a cold shoulder to the offender. Not shy to voice their feelings, you'll know most anything they are thinking if they want you to know. Though- careful what you wish for, this Jirachi is known for being a bit of a gossiper in their free time...

Yokunen also struggles with keeping in touch with reality though. It's not a problem.. atleast not in their eyes. But when one spends so many hours of their day sleeping, dreaming, listening to fantastical wishes and desires, the short hours they spend awake always lead to a bit of confusion. They might, for instance, forget that walls are solid. Or that pricking your finger didn't lead to bleeding silver and gold.

Finally, the Jirachi does not discriminate in what wishes they grant. They do not have the capacity to see any wish as 'bad' or 'evil'. They, of course, cannot over-power Yveltal or Xerneas, the gods of life or death, but will grant darker wishes as easily as granting lighter wishes. They do not see the consequences of these wishes so much as the desire of the ones who grant it, and a dark wish can often be just as passionate and true as a good wish. This often leads to some harsh critisisms, but they find that listening to one's desires and not another's simply because society has deemed it 'bad' is unfair, and have long decided against doing so.

History: Yokunen is not quite sure when they came to be, or when they'll cease to be. As Jirachi is known for falling asleep every 1000 years, the Jirachi doesn't quite remember what it was up to 1000 years ago, nor does it really care. They have only few memories, all of which involve the Mew they call a friend. Many many years ago, when the Jirachi was younger and still naive, they'd fallen prey to a greedy lord whom kept the little wish granter as their own, demanding and forcing wishes from Yokunen to full-fill his desires. For so long Yokunen stayed in the dark, cold confines of the cage that memories previously were lost to the darkness of the room, to the loneliness of their heart. They remember fondly the day that a pale, warm glow came to them, and freed them. Eien, the mew, granted Yokunen their freedom, and the two have been very close companions since.

Having recently awoken to the violent cries of the earth, they helped Zygarde deal with Xerneas and Yveltal as the previous leaders fell. Though still very much tired, Yokunen's not quite ready to return to their long slumber, and will mill about to heal and grant wishes for a few hundred years before laying down to rest once more...

Additional info:
o. Genderless. Yokunen will assign a gender to themself based on how other's percieve them.
o. Has an unfortunate tendency to take naps where ever it suits their fancy.
o. Is good friends with Eien, a mew whom has been around for as long as they can remember.
o. Generally refuses wishes as they believe people want to use them.
o. Has the ability to teleport both themselves and others
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